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nothing is simple anymore Nov. 27th, 2004 @ 03:34 pm
I'm compiling a list of disinfranchisers. Add to it as you see fit. These are in no particular order.

!. WTO
3.US patent office

The Death of the Democratic party Nov. 3rd, 2004 @ 07:21 pm
... and subsequently any hope that ANYTHING out there can give us breadcrums off the corporate tabels.

But that's good. A slap in our face to wake us to a cynical world. I'm glad I'm canadian right now.

I was talking to a friend yesterday who accused me of conspiracy theories when I said I think the election is rigged anyways. What bothers me is how much faith said friend had in the voting system with no accountability. We don't know if those votes are correct or complete and no wya to verify and monitor them. How can anyone think it is fair, unless on blind faith.

A conspiracy theory would be something like ... kerry was hired by the republican party to lose. That's an untenable position because much of the facts reveal otherwise.

today is the day we put our sorrows at bay Sep. 15th, 2004 @ 07:46 pm
What did I do today? (and why am I phrasing the question to myself)

The highlight of my day was answering a questionnaire to find out which Nigerian spammer I am.

I am so tired. I think I'm gonna sleep. Its 7:46

Sep. 12th, 2004 @ 06:51 pm
Today I woke up at 11:11. Yesterday I woke up at 1:11. the day before...12:12. I'm screweds.

Pauly Shore has a doc about, what else?, himself. Eventhough I really detest this dude, you cannot ignore a movie with cameos from Sean Penn and Sally Jesse Raphael.

Sep. 10th, 2004 @ 12:39 am
Some one should make a movie with the character's life based on that of Dick Cheney's. Here are the details.

check out Gilmore versus Ashcroft too.

I got my server up and running today. I will link the main page soon.
I'm too tired to write anymore, but I will just say this... James Brown has made the short list.
My ears bleed to:: Its a man's man's man's world- James Brown
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» I'm in shock exhaustion
I've stated to myself, loved ones and non loved ones before that...
I have no interest in politics.

This is largely true, in that my interests in other subject matters far outweigh those of political nature.

But as everyone knows you can't avoid politics. And american politics is the ugliest of its kind. I'm sick of being shocked everyday by individuals who say the most ridiculous statements with a straight face.
So this is the last piece of idiocy that I will point to for a while... I hope.

First here is a bit on who George Soros is. Read it at your leasure.

More importantly here is what he has been doing lately

Now this lowlife has the audacity and recklessness to put forth this smear campaign with ABSOLUTLY ZERO FACTS OR EVIDENCE. Its ridiculous just listening to him trying to turn a decent speculation into an actual fact. INSANE.

Despite my seeming rage... I am becoming desensitized. This shit happens everyday now. I can't believe this actually happens.
» (No Subject)
How does the largest convention protest in U.S history only recieve snippet coverage by the major american news media???

This better improve soon. In the mean time here are as many links as I can fit.

Hundreds of Thousands Protest Bush

Mamoth anti bush protest

and finally ...

pictures from Michael Moore

Best yet... check out Boing Boing
» (No Subject)
Dude's name is Karam Gaber. And he has his own website. Is it an egyptian thing that we lke to use pseudonyms ??

Also check out this hilarious tid bit I found. In particular check out the referee's face in the last slide. Priceless. So gentle...yet so manly

Stupid american basketball team can't even make it past argentina. They deserve it. I hope Iverson gets shot.

My aunt asked me a couple of weeks ago, what I thought of Dubya. I won't go into that. However I confessed to her that I thought Bill Clinton was a great president. He created jobs and balanced the budget. Although I'm sure he was corrupt, you can't really elect anyone in such a position of power who has not done some major underhanded schemes. I'm a realist, not an idealist. Although John Kerry is a fucking liar, his positions on economic improvement, the education and job creation lend some credability. In the end you can only hope to get the biggest scraps possible off these people's dinner table. GWB has kicked us in the groin.

Which brings me to my main point. What is this with this backlash against Michael Moore, especially by anti-bushers? Its as if all liberals have decided to make themselves tolerable to others by sacrificing this dude on a stick. What did he do wrong? everything he said was pretty much on the point. And he has stood by his principles even when they have conflicted with him making money, eg. suppporting free distribution of his film over p2p nets, even if it meant the loss of revenue for him.

Where's the love? Where's the beef?
» My olympic wrap up
I have abstained from t.v and hence have not been following the olympics. But last night Ben was watching and I caught something that took me by surprise....

For the first time since the downfall of the its civilization , Egypt has finally achieved something of greatness...it won something
This kid is in great shape. The best shape I've seen out of an egyptian in my life. Unless you consider "pear" a great shape. Certainly not a bad fruit.

This inspired me to do some sleuthing on what else the olympic games have had to offer. I've come up with the following interesting tidbits:

1) Egypt has a HOCKEY TEAM. This took me by surprise at first until I realised they meant field hockey.

2) Note that Egypt and Israel both have the same medal count. Hmmm... interesting

3) This dude's is so nice they had to name him twice. That joke is so lame.

that's all I've got for now. Tomorrow I will break my t.v fast to watch USA basketball. I hope they get demolished by Lithuania in the finals.

Oh boy, sleep! That's where I'm a viking!
» (No Subject)
This is for all my comp sci peeps and all you artistic geeks

Great article. I actually read it in one sitting, which is an accomplishment for me...since I can't read...or have a very short attention span.

I think the article isn't as inticing or as deep at the end as it is at the beginning. Some of the analogies at the ewnd don't really stand (or maybe I'm just secretly hoping that the great hacking works haven't passed me. God I'm so vain). For example, I wouldn't say that the greatest music compositions are those of the 14th and 15th centuries or before (since that's when historical records of the beginnings of organized music (organised crime?) were first made.) Many people would also argue about painters, writers, philosophers,etc which they find to be the epitome of their subject matter and not at the beginning of its coming.

Anyways, for those in the know, I have come to a very similar realisation and have based my life around it.
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